We all know the impact Covid 19 has on Ireland and particular industries at the minute, but is everybody ready for Lockdown 2.0?
The effects of the pandemic with not only the virus itself is taking its toll on peoples mental health and well being. Ireland need to be extremely vigilant with their choices as many face fears of job losses, schools shutting and just overall uncertainty for families. Do you think it is really the option to fix the virus spreading by shutting the country down again?
For most people, Health & Fitness clubs have been a place where they go to work off some stress from work to just general everyday stress. Fitness is essential for your health, not just your mind and but your body too. This week has showed so much controversial opinions and uncertain decisions about Ireland hitting level 5.
At Sarah Jayy, we know how much exercise can impact peoples lives and boost their immune system. However, it can also reduce obesity, a condition that can cause complications for those affected by Covid 19. For me, exercise is self care, daily 20 to 30 minutes can help you feel 100 times better about yourself both physically and mentally. 
It is time for Ireland to take a greater understanding of the health and well being of individuals during this time. Using the discount code 'HEALTH20' will give you 20% off your entire order at Sarah Jayy between 18th October 2020 and 31st of December 2020. We want to help you stay on track and spirits high as the festive season approaches, so go ahead and treat yourself. 
Love Sarah xxx