Running clothes - what to wear

What is the easiest way to stay fit? Yes, you are right, it is running. But finding the right outfit can be a little challenging. Having a jog in January to a sprint in September, there has to be perfect athletic wear for the occasion.


If you have no idea how you will feel comfortable and classy at the same time while you have a jog outside, you have come to the right place. With the below-mentioned ensembles, you’ll always be ready for a marathon, all year round!


Running Shoes

The first thing that you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes. Wearing the wrong type of shone is the major reason why many tend to injure themselves.

Whenever you are purchasing running shoes, don't go for a pair only because you like the brand. Also consider the style, color, price, and most importantly the comfort.

Investing in the right pair of running shoes is a smart idea that will help prevent injuries and make for more comfortable runs.

Go to a place where experts can evaluate your foot and let them recommend the best one for you. During this visit, make sure you are wearing run-specific socks so that it becomes easy for you to try on those shoes.


Technical Running Clothes

Running with a specific type of clothes is lightweight and is exclusively designed to move with your body. Do you know that many running-specific clothes are reflective so that you stay safe when running in the dark? Yes.

Good clothing has fabric that comprises if nylon, or polyester.

In winters, running in technical fibers will keep you warm. On the contrary in summers, they will wick the sweat away from your body while helping you prevent chafing.

Both hot and cold weather gear should have vents to boost breathability.


Running Shorts

Running shorts for women is next on the list. They have to be lightweight so that it is easier to move. These types of shorts feature an inner lining and this is basically to prevent chafing and discomfort from wearing tight underwear.

The ones till the mid-thigh are best for long-distance road running and sprinting. They are the ones that give the best range of movement and ventilation when on the move. Don't go for fabric that doesn't lock heat and moisture.


Sports Bra

Every woman must wear sports bras that are super supportive. Try them on and test them by jumping. The sports bra should fit properly and won't stretch out. Choose the bra depending on the size of your breast only then you will feel comfortable.


Breathable Top

Women have a lot of choices when it comes to tops. They can go for T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts.

No matter what you wear while you run, ensure the top is made of light, stretchy fabric that keeps you cool. The synthetic fabric provides a lighter, more comfortable feel than cotton.



Besides the aforementioned here is what you should wear while running.

  • Sunscreen
  • Sports watch
  • Running app
  • Water bottle


Key Takeaway

The aforementioned may sound like a lot of gear you should wear while running and helps you focus on the basics. This begins with a comfortable, supportive pair of sneakers that suits your specific needs and definitely to go out, and hit the road.

 - The Sarah Jayy Team