The fashion world has been taken by a storm with women's leggings that have effortlessly replaced jeans and trousers and added a whole new dimension of comfort to our wardrobe. The perfect leggings, most comfortable and most flattering are seamless workout leggings.

Seamless leggings bring comfort and freedom to your workout and everyday life. They are perfect whether you are meeting your friends for coffee, going shopping or going to the gym and doing a high intensity workout. 

Many women all over the world now wear leggings everyday. Instead of grabbing jeans and heels, it's seamless leggings and trainers. Leggings are easy to put on and take off. They don't annoy you throughout the day and they show off your body in a vert flattering way. It's the ease of throwing on some leggings and getting on with your day that makes the big difference.

Why seamless leggings? Because they are super comfy, super sexy and best of all they are multifunctional. Let's say you want to meet your friends for coffee at 10am and hit the gym at 12. No longer do you have to carry a gym bag with you with pare clothes. All you have to do is slip on your high waisted seamless leggings and matching bra top and you are ready for the day. You meet your friends at 10 for coffee and hit the gym at 12 for a tough workout. You will never do that in a pair of jeans.

This is why women's activewear and athleisure wear is becoming so popular. It's the ease of use and looking great at the same time. It's also helping women become healthier because no longer do you have the excuse of saying "I forgot my clothes", now you are dressed and ready for it - no excuses. 

If you are looking for highly-rated and super comfortable and functional women's leggings then look no further than our Irish based business - Sarah Jayy. Started in 2019 we are mixing women's activewear, swimwear and loungewear to bring you the best quality designs with excellent customer service. Enjoy fast shipping, free delivery over €50 and free returns. We also give you free exchanges on your first order if you are not fully sure on your size.

Whether you are a gym-lover or not, seamless leggings are the future and they are here to stay for a very long time. They are now a woman's best friend.

- Sarah Jayy Team