Smart Fashion Tricks to Look Chic in Women Loungewear



Let's be honest. Every girl wants to sit in comfy clothes and move out whenever required. The good news is, loungewear is one type of clothes that not only gives you a lot of options but is also trendy.


Now, you can go out with your friends to sit-back on the couch without feeling the need to change into something more comfortable.


This is a golden age of comfy dressing, isn't it? So, here is how to wear women's loungewear so that it looks fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


Practice proper proportions

Don't look baggy. If one thing is loose, make sure the other thing is tight. If you are going for loose pants, ensure that the top is more fitted and vice versa. A flowy fabric is always relaxing but you should know what suits your figure.

Look for proportion as this is going to determine your personality.


Wear cute shoes

Don't wear shoes that look casual. Uggs, sneakers, and plain flip-flops are a big no-no.

Go for statement shoes that are of bright color or giving a gladiator pump. Adorable flats and sandals will look amazing. Try an ankle-strap flat sandal but avoid slippers.


Add a little bling

Are you feeling that your outfit is casual? Accessorizing it in the right way will make all the difference. So, play with your looks and stylish adornments. While wearing women's loungewear, you can elevate the complete style by wearing a statement neckpiece.

This is a simple trick that works. Always keep a necklace or earrings in your bag all the time. Wear them and you are all set to go.


Play with prints

Go for printed pants, tops, or separately, all of this will work. You will rock from head to toe. Never feel that prints will not suit you.

A sweatshirt and pajama pants feel more stylish in a print than in a plain color. Eventually, you will look more dressed up than you are. Your attire will catch everyone's eye and work as a conversation starter too.


No skimping on hair and makeup

Makeup and hairstyle can make or break the complete look. The right makeup and hair make all the difference.

No need to go glam but you should be doing something interesting. Well, minimal makeup, good lip color, and messy waves will make the look killer.


Add unexpectedly, After all this, do you still feel, it isn't enough?

Take something out from your wardrobe that you don't usually wear and wear it to make the look complete. That can be a blazer, leather jacket, chambray top, or flannel shirt. This will make you look more charming as well as confident. Add a scarf or clutch, or both. Pieces that pair up with women's loungewear can do wonders.


Fabrics do matter

If you want to be comfortable, you should choose a fabric that is not only comfortable but also suits your skin. Natural fabrics like cashmere, silk, and cotton are amazing.


Choosing the right fabric for loungewear makes sense because it is something you are going to keep longer, as they are comfort-led and trend-led!

 - The Sarah Jayy Team