Smart Ways to Look Trendy While Working Out


Does hitting the gym make you feel amazing and puts you in an instant good mood? Then looking like a chic will be even more fun.


Sometimes you get bored while working out in the gym. To add a little more fun to it, you should wear fashionable yet comfortable workout clothes. This will help you to push you to hold the plank just a few moments longer and maybe do a few more repetitions or dance more in the aerobics class.


Here are 5 tips on how to look your best in the gym:


Flatter your figure

Whether you are slim or on the healthier side, you must opt for something that flatters your figure. But this doesn't mean that it should be uncomfortable.


Go for women's gym clothes & activewear that aren’t too tight or too baggy but just fit well. Flaunt the parts of your body you’re proud of.


Go for breathable material

Sweat is natural when you workout but there should be no patches in your clothes. This can be avoided if you wear the right women's gym leggings and top with you.

There is a myth that cotton clothes are breathable but in reality, it soaks all the sweat that goes nowhere. Avoid them especially if you are heading out for a run or intense workout. Instead of cotton, opt for apparel made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex. This is going to wick moisture away from your skin.


Also, use the antiperspirant before your workout. 


Try natural makeup

Many go bare face into the gym. Well, that's a personal choice but it is advisable that one needs a bit of extra confidence to spur and that comes with minimum makeup.


For a flawless yet fresh-faced complexion try a light base of tinted moisturizer. The ones having oily skin or acne on their face should go for mineral makeup. This will help in providing coverage without blocking pores. You can simply pair this with waterproof mascara or kajal and some tinted lip balm for a natural look.


Make a messy bun

No matter what hairstyle you make, believe us, at the end of an energetic workout everything will be messed up. So, to keep your hair neat, and out of your face while you are working out, make an updo, high ponytail, high braid, or a messy bun.


Besides this, you can additionally wear a cotton hair bun with it.


Accessorize it correctly

Yes, you read it right.

You may be thinking that we'll say go for dangly earrings or a choker necklace accompanied with the women's gym leggings while you are working out in the gym.

Hey, that's a big NO-NO!


However, accessorizing your workout gear with the basics like a trendy water bottle, a nice sports watch, and a kit bag adds personality to your complete workout look.


Closing thoughts

Everyone tries to stay on the trend and look the best. Well, when you look perfect you feel both good and comfortable. Following the aforementioned tips can help make you stand out from the crowd and also do the workout with style. You can make people turn heads and admire your well thought out workout personality.

- The Sarah Jayy Team