Why Should Every Woman Wear a Sports Bra?


 Did you know only 15% of women wear the right sports bra?

Women usually associate sports bra with physical activity but a few doctors also recommend wearing them even when you are not exercising.


Here is why every woman should go for one:



Give the required comfort

With every stride that you take, your bust moves up. No matter if you have curves or ample proportion. This is undoubtedly uncomfortable and painful. It gets worse with regular bras especially the ones having underwiring as they have the tendency of damaging the tissues. Prolong use of this kind of bras while exercising, running, or casually may cause irreversible damage. All of this ultimately decreases the firmness of your breast and causes sagging.

Wearing a sports bra that fits you well, prevents sagging while giving you enough support.


The Support

The best sports bra gives you the exact amount of support you need because they are specially designed for your size. They are not like the regular bras that support you from the bottom.

The shape and fabric components help envelope the breast to a limit horizontal movement while absorbing shocks. It has wide straps that help in distributing the weight evenly so doesn't create any pressure points on your shoulders.


Helps in a smooth run

You want to be comfortable even when you run, right? This is why reliable companies manufacture sports bra that focus so much on design, chafing, and perspiration wicking.

The straps provide freedom of movement, especially between the shoulder blades. The seamless design helps in reducing the risk of chafing in the long run.


Go for a designer sports bra

Gone are the days when there used to be a typical kind of sports bra everyone wore. But today, you find plenty of designs in the market that it becomes difficult for you to choose.

This designer wears bra promises to provide all the comfort and support that you would expect from a sports bra. Even if you are slim, that doesn't mean your sports bra will flatter your figure. Rather it will enhance it but only when you go for the right size and fabric of the sports bra.


No breast pain

Breasts move up, down, and sideways whenever there is movement. This sometimes results in pangs of pain. But this is not the case when you wear a sports bra.

Sports bras are specifically designed to restrict the movement of breasts. The regular wearers of sports bra report less or no pain at all even after rigorous workouts.


Great alternative

You will agree to the fact that wearing a sports bra is no longer limited to workout sessions and exercising. You can comfortably put one while lounging at home, doing chores, or running errands.


The best thing about a sports bra is that it doesn't leave any marks on your skin. Great support and comfort, what else do you want?

They are so light that you will barely notice you have anything on.


Wrapping Up

Good quality sports bras are specifically designed to handle movement as well as motion while providing the maximum amount of sports and holding your breast firmly in place. So, including a quality sports bra in your everyday essentials definitely goes a long way. Devoid any hooks or zippers, sports bra slip-on makes sure that you don’t face any difficulty while wearing it.

 - The Sarah Jayy Team