Since the global pandemic the popularity of women's loungewear and workout clothes has gone through the roof. The "normal" life we once lived has changed drastically and it looks like it will stay this way for at least another year. No longer are women going out on weekends, getting dolled up, wearing dresses, jeans or heels. This is the effect of the global pandemic and the hospitality sector has been the worst effected so far.

Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs have been hit the hardest since lockdowns have taken over the world. This has caused a change in a lot of women's mentality. Instead, women are now focusing on their health and their enjoyment on a weekend is Netflix and their comfies. Women are now spending a lot of time at home. In fact, we don't have much of a choice. Right now (January 2021) we are under a strict five kilometer lockdown rule.

This has caused a huge boost in the activewear and loungewear business. Companies have pivoted their businesses and started focusing on creating women's gym sets and loungewear. Women are spending a lot of time at home now. This means home workouts instead of the gym, working at home means you no longer need to wear "work clothes" so you can wear your favourite hoody and jogger comfies. When the weekend comes you no longer need to spend hours getting ready, now it's a comfy tracksuit and a night on the couch watching your favourite movies.

Women are looking for comfort. Comfort at home, comfort while working from home and comfort during their home workout. When the pandemic is over it will be back to nights out and getting dressed up. But for now, let's enjoy our comfies.

Sarah Jayy has just released our new range of women's loungewear products. We have designed our hoodies and joggers with comfort and style in mind. We know women want to wear something that is comfortable at home but also something that they can go food shopping in and still look great. We have matching hoody and jogger sets and also 4 separate coloured joggers that you can mix n match your style with.

- Sarah Jayy Team